Xiao Buhu is used in the chickens

Everyone will encounter the symptoms of chickens. When there is no antipyretic in your hand, I will recommend customers to buy Xiaochai Hu, so everyone knows that Xiaochai Hu has a role. In fact, Xiaochaihu not only has a fever, there are other effects.
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Xiaochaihu first is mainly used for the high fever caused by bacterial, viruses, mycoplasma, parasites and other mixed sensations, unknown reasons, repeated high heat, and repeats Infection and routine refund the medicine for a long time to rule! This everyone knows.

Let’s talk about the other effects of Xiaochaihu.
Efficacy 1: Solita and stomach to improve the feces of the flock of the feces of the flock. (After the passage of the hepal gas, the function of the stomach is constantly restored)

Efficient 2, chicken After that, I will not go in the anorexial feed. At this time, you can use Xiaochai Hu to get the feed! (With the effect)

Effects three, Fuzheng evil to improve the body’s immunity.
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