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Prevention and treatment of yak diarrhea needs to pay attention to the following 4 points.

1. Animal Husband will be affected by diarrhea

“Almost all livestock farms will have diarrheal disease in the calves season. If diarrhea is seriously erupt, it will bring unfaudable to the pasture. Loss. The prevalence of the newly populated yak is 70%, the mortality is 50%. “
2. Many factors can lead to yak diarrhea

” Many factors can cause yak diarrhea. Factors that cause yak diarrhea, including difficulty, infectious bacteria, malnourium, unhealthy and maternal differences. Rotary virus and coronavirus are the most common viruses related to yak diarrhea. Two viruses can Infected with intestinal lining cells, destroying digestion and absorbing milk. “He explained. In addition, E. coli, Salmonella and Cryptosporne can also invade intestinal cells, causing diarrhea. Precursive vaccines can effectively prevent diarrhea.

3. For diarrhea, early treatment is the key

牛 患 上 表 表 体 体 体 体 为 为 为 体 为 为 为 上 上 上 上 上 体 上 上 上 体 上Long-term gourd hunger strike is one of the biggest mistakes of the pasture. “So far, the most effective way to treat diarrhea is to supplement the energy fluid and electrolyte necessary of the yak. ​​You can use the relevant commercial nutrition formula, used for diarrhea yak hydrating, regulating the alkalinity of the body, supplement the electrolyte (potassium, sodium, chlorine) Sodium hydrogencarbonate). There should be related drugs for diarrheal disease before diarrhea. Consult the drug and feeding dose to the veterinarian. “In numerous diarrhea drugs, Imeresontimoder is recommended. Because Imeresontimodite is pure natural, no additional minerals, the effect is significant and there will be no side effects.

4. The yak cow will be transferred from the calf

In order to prevent the occurrence of diarrhea and cut off its transmission path, it is recommended that the Lord has an empty place or a pasture. In order to transfer the categorous bar immediately after the cow caller. This can slow down the speed of viruses and bacteria. Snow and mud will affect our late winter and early spring, so we must also ensure that calving as a clean and dry environment, ensuring that the yak can suck clean nipples.

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