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Objectives of yak:
1. Improve the survival rate of yak, reduce mortality;
2. Guaranteed yak normal growth, especially the normal development of rumen and bones.

First, the preparation of the house
Use the individual delivery bar, 13-14m2, add shield, do not use wood chips, prevent foreign matter to enter the respiratory tract, control the temperature of the Nest, do not have a thief.
Second, timely feeding of colostrum
Yak must obtain an antibody through colostrum to establish a passive immune system.
When birth, the intestinal epithelial tissue is completely open, and the immunoprotein (IgG) in the late milk is almost all penetrated into the blood; the permeability of IgG fell to 50% after 6 hours of yak born; After the hour, the intestinal wall channel was almost completely closed, and IgG would not be directly penetrated into the blood.

So, the columns are preferably subjected to the first subculvenation within 1 hour after birth, and within 6 hours.
Third, umbilical cord disinfection
Whether umbilical cord disinfection is in place, determines whether the future yak immune ability and the digestive system are healthy growth. After the yak is born normally, cut the umbilical cord from the abdomen 8-10 cm or torn it with hand. Soak the umbilical strip for 15 seconds with 7% iodine.
Remember to disinfect again 12 hours after birth and remain dry. If the new yak is to transport to other pastures, you should pay attention to umbilical cord hygiene during the transportation process.
Four, transportation stress
Transportation should be very affected by the newly born yak. Feeding once before long-distance transportation should be stopped. Before transportation, the electrolyte water 2L is supplemented in time, and the lactose is appropriately added, and the calorie balance and energy supply can be maintained in the transportation process.

Missing the effects of stress. After the calf arrives at the transfer station or the pasture, do not feed the feed immediately, otherwise it will cause diarrhea.
The 2L-containing electrolyte needs to be supplemented, relieve stress. If you arrive in the pasture in the morning, you can fell in the first afternoon; if you reach the pasture in the afternoon, you need to feed it next day.
Five, the milk and normal milk
must do four stasis: timing, quantitative, fixed temperature, and people.
1. Feeding time is fixed so that the normal operation of the yak digestive system can be guaranteed.
2. Insufficient feeding, lack of nutrients, yak can’t grow normally, feeding excess, yak intoInjury, resulting in abnormal rumen fermentation, destroying tumor stomas epithelial cells, causing diarrhea, inhibiting the healthy growth of yak.
Born 0-10 days, the volume of the fruity (truth) is about 5% of the yak body weight, so the amount of feeding should not exceed 5% of weight, prevent excessive milk from entering the rumen.
3. Feeding (without pacifiers) using ordinary daize, feeding temperatures must be controlled above 40 ° C, the optimum temperature is 41-42 ° C. In this way, it can guarantee that the milk passes through the esophagus, and it will enter the stomach smoothly.

The temperature is too low, the esophagus is closed, and the milk is entered into the stomach, causing diarrhea, and the rumen cannot be healthy. Using a dairy bucket with a nipple, the temperature requirements are not strict, but it also controls above 25 ° C, otherwise it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort.
4. The same batch of yak, from birth (or transport to the pasture) to weaned milk, fixed personnel feeding, cow house maintenance, disease prevention. Guaranteed the stable growth of the yak.
Sixth, the feeding of the fine material
After the birth of 5 days, it starts to provide high quality fine material, good, easy to digest, and reasonable fermentation, producing appropriate amount of volatile fatty acids to promote the amount of volatile fatty acids. Epithelial cells are developed normally. In breastfeeding, the semen is superiors, the higher the feeding capacity, the more quickly promote the development of rumen, and achieve the ideal goal of weaning in advance.
Seven, the feeding of the crude material
There should be a large amount of coarse material before weaning. Yak is not fully developed, too much coarse material cannot be degraded in the rumen, causing the yak full of stomach, and the feeding product declines, inhibits the yak growth. A small amount of high-quality pasture can promote the ruminant behavior of the yak. Silage is generally not recommended for 90 days ago.
Eight, adequate drinking water
sufficient drinking water, can guarantee the normal fermentation of yak cow. So to ensure free drinking water all day yak. Under cold weather, add warm water. Do not below 15 ° C below water temperature. The amount of yak drinking water is about 10% of weight.
Nine, weaning step
Do not focus on the last week of lactation, the tight transition period will cause the yak weaning stress. Weaning work should be started at the last 3 weeks of lactation:
1 week, reducing the daily milk feeding amount;
Day 2, further reduce the amount of milk of yak;
The last week, from 2 times a day, reducing it to fed 1 time.
Specific reference to the feeding table. Steady transitionDuring the period, after weaning, the yak’s fine product is sufficient, and it is possible to ensure the normal growth of the yak.

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