Yangchun March, everything is breeding, the pig farm is not good? It’s great!

The pig farm has been insects to be talked, but it will be troubled by the pig farm. At present, more than 90% of pig farms will encounter parasitic problems. More than 80% of pig farms are incompatible with anti-repetitions
1. Scientific choice of dewormy drugs
Currently, the pig farm Transduced parasitic parasites mainly have sputum, whippillar, 蛔 insects, round pole, etc., the pig farm should use new, broad-spectrum, efficient, safe, and can simultaneously driven insectormy drugs within the inside and outside of the pig.
Second, choose a reasonable deworming time
1. Since the development time of 疥疥 到 虫 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死After the drug-effective larvae, the larvae is developed into a nymph or adult, which will cause re-infection. Therefore, 7 to 10 days after the end of the first medication, once again, it will be killed by larvae, which will be developed by the insect eggs in 5 to 7 days, can be completely solved. Early insectomy can significantly increase the growth rate and feed rate of child pigs.
2, piglet infection parasitic source is the sow and its contact environment, in the mother pig producing insects, cut off the parasite communication between the sows and the sow, for the successful control of the parasites of the whole pig field Extremely critical.
3, in wet weather (such as spring, summer) is more likely to occur, it should be prevented in advance, and growing pigs should also deworming, and can repeat the deworming 1 time in the above requirements in April.
4, breast pigs use the broad-spectrum insect repellent in insecticides in January 2, 6, and October. Introducing seed pigs and the reserve pigs transfer to the production area before the deworming.
Third, use the correct insectomy method
Before feeding the insecticide drug, you should stop first, so that the drug-mixed feed can make the pigs all eaten once to save drugs and improve the efficacy. Pigs below 20 days are preferably not used inorma.
Four, strengthen the disinfection of the column environment
1, the dewormworm should be cleaned and stacked, or burned or buried; to prevent the discharged worm and insect eggs were eaten by pigs Re-infection.
2, do a good job in the clean hygiene and disinfection work inside and outside the pigs and pig houses, regularly do the work of rodent, fly, crack, and insectica, eliminate the middle host, and strictly forbidden in the pig farm, dog Waiting for pets, avoiding its spread pathogen, to minimize the opportunity of pig farm parasitic disease.

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