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In recent years, as the market demand continues to increase, freshwater crayfish “cultured” Even year by year, it is possible to say a wave of high waves. Many aquaculture households put investment in crayfish breeding, but many farmers do not fully grasp the correct breeding [URL =] technology [/ url], thus ignore the culture In the process, it is difficult for the refined management of lobster seedling, water quality, bait feeding, disease prevention, and cooperation with feed scientific formulation, which ultimately leads to difficult economic benefits. This is why it is the same as farming crayfish, some people can earn hundreds of thousands, but some people are always lost? The following is a small dragon shrimp breeding technology summarized by Zhengchang successful partner:

The stocking of seedling

Lobster seedling is divided into spring delivery and autumn. Spring is placed in the spring, and the seeds of the young shrimps of 3 to 5 cm in mid-March 5000 to 6000 tails. In the fall, you will be put in brevife. After September, 500 artificially selected lobster applause, the proportion of female is 3: 1. The specification requirements are neat, the limbs are complete, no disease is free, and it is full. The purchase of shrimp seeds, due to the transportation of water, I should soak the seedling in the pool in the pool in the pool, and then put it on hold for 2 to 3 minutes, soak for 1 minute, so repeated 2 ~ 3 times, let the seedling body The table and the stocule are sucking the water and then stocked, and the survival can be improved. Some of the pools are properly mixed, squid can improve water quality and make full use of bait resources.

Water quality management

The pool water requires a refreshing water, the transparency is 30 ~ 40cm, the pH of 7-9, and the oxygen is greater than 4 g / L. Pay attention to the water and pool of the bottom of the pool during the breeding process. When the oxygen content in the water is low, the water quality deteriorates or thunderstorms are hot weather, and even when there is a harsh weather such as cloudy days, it is necessary to reduce the bait or stop the bait. When the weather is too cold or overheating, in order to prevent the ultimate temperature from being properly deepened to stabilize the bottom water temperature. Switch at a high temperature season in the high temperature season in June to August, each change in water is 20 to 30% of the pool water, and the water is inconvenient can be added regularly.


Lobster is a biological organic bait, whether it is good depending onProtein’s intake. In the artificial feeding, it is necessary to feed the protein content of no less than 28%. According to the general experience, the full-day coordination feed should be grasped to eat, finished, and do not leave the bait. When the water temperature is 10 ° C above the water temperature of 10 ° C and after October, the water temperature is reduced to about 15 ° C, and the weight is charged 1-3% per day, and the normal growth season of Xiaobu in 5-7 months, the daily payment can account for weight About 5% and needs to be increased depending on the weather, water temperature, water quality and crayfish. Continuous rainy weather or water quality concentration, you can feed less; there is more time to feed when the weather is fine; the shrimp shell is baby feed, after the shell is housy, the shrimp is treated less. It is raised. Among them, the feed can use specialized lobster pre-mixed, trace elements will inhibit lobster growth, excessive increase in costs will cause the pond to deteriorate, and the growth and shelling of lobsters will be unfavorable. Fuyang Zhengchang Feed Technology has developed lobster special premix for lobster growth, supplementing all kinds of trace elements, vitamins, minerals in the feed, enriched feed nutrients, and prevents nutrients in lobster Symptom, guarantee normal growth of lobster; improve feed conversion rate, reduce feed costs.

Some people think that “lobster will not be sick”, in fact, after performing high-density breeding, various environmental factors are prone to lobster disease. The solution is mainly based on prevention, and drugs are used regularly. The water in the breeding process should be disinfected regularly, if the water pH is <7, every 15 to 20 days, the raw gray is evenly sprinkled after the concentration of the plasma. Generally, the pond is disinfected once every 15 to 20 days, in the summer high temperature season, every 15 days, you can add Chinese herbal plant extracts such as Lau Lexing to enhance the immunity of freshwater lobsters.

Mix Feed Science Formulation

Lobster feed costs account for average of 60% -80% in breeding cost, high as 85%. Therefore, farmers have to achieve better economic benefits and reduce feed costs. Considering costs to combine the nutritional needs of lobster to scientifically formulate the best economic benefits.

1. Nutritional management of growth phase:

The cultivation of the pesticide breeding is 36 ~ 40% of the feed of 36-40%.The Lord, the other needs to feed some fresh little fish to meet the nutritional needs of young shrimp development; the shrimp farming stage is mainly blended with a crude protein content of 28% to 35%, and the feed is mainly feeding. Suitable some soak sprouting wheat and freshly mixed fish, etc. to increase shrimp specifications and increase breeding production.

2, shelling nutrition management:

Dragonfish gradually grows up again, each skin, the specification increases, the amount of food is also In addition, it is required to increase the protein content of the feed, and it should also be added to feed some snail, meat, small fish, etc. to increase nutrient supply, promote the crayfish shell and the shells after the shell of the shell.

For different growth stages of crayfish, Zhengchang Feed Technology provides you with a full range of nutrition optimal programs.

In the production process, Zhengchang used a largest feed mechanical supplier in the country, which has built more than 3,000 feed production lines worldwide. After more than 40 years of research and development, it has become a leading type of domestic feed machinery industry. Enterprises, every link to produce feed processes, in-depth research, can designed a reasonable feed formula to make up for the defects of different production processes according to different processing processes.

In terms of formula practice, Luo Principal leads the Zhengchang feed section of Zhengchang feed section with more than 20 years of formula design experience, all over more than 300 feed cooperative enterprises in the country, ensuring the design of the formula gas.

In the formula technology, Zhengchang has the most advanced formula – US Brill software; adhering to the same formulation cost – nutrition, equivalent nutrition level – cost minimized design concept. With the brill recipe software, it can be designed according to the raw materials, the geographies, and the season, and the formulation that meets the full growth needs of crayfish.


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